The Ala Doble Flying Collection

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The Ala Doble Flying Collection is located at the Ala Doble Ranch, near Esparto, CA. Vern Dallman built the Ala Doble Ranch airstrip in the eighties, basing his collection of airshow aircraft at the field.
Sadly, Vern died in an accident in 1998, and when his wife died in 2016, the property ended up being sold - narrowly avoiding the ignominy of becoming a cannabis farm!
Thankfully, Walt and Carlene rescued it from this potential fate.
Soon after their purchase, some of Walt's collection moved into the existing hangars.
They built another large hangar to supplement this space, but this also filled up quickly, so two new hangars are now under construction to house additional exotic antique aircraft.
One extremely rare aircraft which returned "home" was Curtiss-Wright B14B Speedwing NC12332, which Vern Dallman once owned for many years.

In 2001 Carlene recreated Amelia Earhart's record transcontinental flight by flying their 1927 Avro Avian from New York to California:
ABC News story from 9/2/01

The Ala Doble Flying Collection is a registered Section 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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